Scribble. Scribble. Scribble.

It seems like lately I’ve been doing a lot of scribbling but all of my scribbles come together into greater works so I’m okay with that.

I try to post here once a month as to what is going on in my writing world. Currently I am finishing up a 3rd Bible study workbook, compiling a 365 day devotional, editing my manuscript for my first creative non-fiction book and working on some prints for my poetry to soon be up in my Etsy store. I like to keep it simple.

More importantly, I wanted to make everyone aware of another blog I post to daily. It’s part of my ministry and I post Monday – Friday. It is there that I talk about all different things, in fact, the tag line is Everyday Christian Living. I don’t candy coat things either. It’s real stuff, real struggles, real revelations.

I encourage you to follow me over there as well at www.mcubedministries.com 

I promise you’ll laugh, sometimes you may cry, but most of all you will see that Christians are people too and we all go through the same struggles.

To my fellow writers, keep on keeping on!





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