Writer?  Author? 

I’m new to the realm of putting my writing out into the world for all to see and in a very short amount of time,  I have seen God’s hand putting the puzzle pieces together. The networking that has happened with minimal effort from me,  just following His voice and being where He tells me to be when I’m supposed to be.  I’m in awe, as I usually am with God.  I shouldn’t be shocked by what He can do,  I read His Word and it’s truth to me.  I think I’m more in shock at the details and how it all plays out.  I watch the story write itself before me. He’s the author,  I’m the sometimes,  more so than not,  willing character. 

There is so much information to soak up on becoming a published author that it can be overwhelming and I have found myself in that boat,  rocking back and forth,  as the storm approaches.  Traditional vs. self published is the question that most writers face when they get serious about jumping in with both feet. One does not seem substantially better than the other given the times we live in where anyone can put words to paper and throw it up on Amazon for sale. 

So, I remind myself of this one thing daily: people buy books of blank paper. I am one of them. 


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