Current Events

​My heart is heavy today in regards to current events and I am using every platform I have to share this prayer.  If you would,  pray with me and share this so others can be in agreement as well. 
If I didn’t invite you in to my house,  I better not find you there when I get home. 
For those who will mockingly ask “Where’s God in all of this?”,  we uninvited Him.  We told him to get out of our schools, our cities,  our towns,  our states,  our nation.  We told Him He wasn’t welcome. He will not enter in unless we invite Him.  The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will not go where He is not wanted. 
I pray today that the hand of God move swiftly,  accurately,  lovingly,  across each community,  each state,  this very nation, and that we realize as a whole how much we need Him.  People of all walks of life say today,  “it wasn’t like this 20 years ago”.  Twenty years ago we still allowed God in. Twenty years ago we had some sense about us.  Twenty years ago God was allowed to move on our behalf.
God,  forgive us of our sins and show us the error of our ways before it’s too late.  Before more senseless killing happens.  God I give you honor and glory and will ALWAYS allow you to enter in to our home and walk with us wherever we go.  Enable me to show the Christ kind of love it takes to defeat evil. Satan,  I curse you in the name of Jesus and I command you to stop and cease your spiritual warfare on and in my brothers and sisters. You will not prevail because Christ already won the Victory when he died on the cross and rose again proving you weak and unworthy. Father,  I thank you for hearing my prayer and for fighting on our behalf. In the name of  Jesus Christ,  Amen.


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