Tea leaves and Tarot Cards.   Oh my! 

For years I let the daily paper determine my fate with its man-made fortunes (horoscopes).   This led to tarot card readings,  books that had my daily horoscope already planned out for an entire year,  pendulums,  rune stones,  charting my own birthday and horoscope,  psychic readings…if it had anything to do with telling me how my future was going,  I was all about it.  At one point I had a voodoo doll.  Other people wanted me to do their readings and chart their birth dates. Fortune cookies weren’t just a stale treat after a meal of sweet and sour chicken.   That fortune had meaning in my life as if the universe had choreographed a chain of events from the thought of the phrase to the printing to the shipping of this specific fortune cookie to end up in my hands at the exact moment it needed to and that message was the most important information I would receive for that day. 

Then,  one day, my future changed… 


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